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Welcome to my website!

This site is far from perfect, but it is entirely my own. I use it to collect and share things I like.

That includes but is not limited to:

✟Castlevania and other games✟
✎Art and writing✎
♬Metal/prog/goth music♬

Take a look around!

Latest updates:

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10/6/2024: Added 3 new stories, added font awesome 5 icons to story tagging system, removed redundant journalling widget.

20/3/2024: Reworked the art page.

13/12/2023: Reworked the writing page and added poetry, updated update log from august to november.

13/10/2023: Replaced site buttons.

7/10/2023: Finished dialogue section on the Julius shrine.

1/10/2023: Updated the Julius shrine.


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Update log

Update summary October: Finished dialogue, backstory and cosplay sections on the Julius shrine, updated site buttons and added button wall, joined transmasc webring.

Update summary August: Started the Julius shrine, added journal site widget, started Knightriders shrine.

1/10/2023: Updated the Julius shrine

1/8/2023: Started the julius Belmont/castlevania shrine and added a header image. Summarised the july update log.

Update summary July 2023: Added photography page and shrines/castlevania page. Joined the vampire hunters union webring. Reworked and cleaned up the homepage layout, added about me section, Updated the writing page for better readability, made a mobile-friendly alternate homepage, made and added blinkies.

Update summary June 2023: Started the update log, added all campaign fic with summaries and content tags, added comment boxes, added site pets and pet page, added playlists and updated the music page, added favicon, page titles, hit counter, status box and mood indicator, added Viktors blog, added update log archive, updated homepage and added buttons, added art page safe mode, and updated side page header layouts.

The update log is summarised every month. To see the full update log, click here.

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